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Google Earth in 3D

Google Earth has been working really hard and now the’ve announced they’re going 3 D. And it’s available on mobile, as well. As of now, you can add more things on your vacation sightseeing list, cause you have no excuse for getting lost! Here take a look.


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This weekend, we’ve been invited by some friends at their house on Lake Eildon, which is part of the Lake Eildon National Park. Located in Victoria’s Central Highlands, north from Melbourne, this man-made lake contains as much as 6 times the capacity of Sydney Harbor. In the good days, that is. According to the owner, she’s never seen the lake  that filled up (99.5% on the day we arrived) since she was 12 years old. And according to Wikipedia, Lake Eildon has hit its all time low in May 2007, when it dropped to 5.7% of its entire capacity. Unbelievable! No wonder you can actually see tree tops coming out of the water, as you can see from some of the photos I took, as most of the time, the lake is one huge empty terrain.

The area was simply beautiful and such a nice city break for all Melbournians, especially that there’s no mobile coverage. The forests are mainly eucalypti ones and apparently the chances of seeing kangaroos are very high. Ours were nil, but the number and variety of parrots we’ve seen, centimeters from us, made up for everything. Also, we got to ride on an old oyster boat, while others were jet skiing, taking a cruise down the lake or simply trying your luck with fishing. During winter time, due to the altitude of approximately 900 m, residents may also enjoy snow, which is pretty nice, especially that in Melbourne temperatures rarely get close to 0 degrees Celsius. All in all, you can never get bored over Lake Eildon’s.