Miserable Men

My favourite Instagram account as of recently is Miserable Men, where you can find bored men stuck shopping with their families or partners who ultimately end up either sleeping or browsing on their mobiles. Too good 🙂



Instagram Is King

Few highlights from the L2 Think Tank Instagram report:

Instagram reached 150 million users in three years, half the time it took Twitter and two years faster than Facebook.

Instagram had the strongest year-on-year growth of all mobile platforms in 2013, 66%.

93% of prestige brand are present on Instagram compared to 63% in July.

Pinterest, the “other” visual platform often compared to Instagram, is a third of the size and its users spend a third of the time on the platform.

The successful launch of Instagram ads and video could transform it into a media company with more revenue than Twitter.

Instagram is possibly the best tech acquisition of the past five years and Tumblr is arguably the worst.



Prabal Gurung on Instagram

The other day, Prabal Gurung revealed the image of his new campaign on Instagram little by little. Literally! Taking advantage of the puzzle-like format of how Instagram displays your own photos, they – supposing there was a team behind this – ultimately composed their fall campaign image from several other small ones. I mean it’s nothing like last year’s Uniqlo’s guerrilla campaign on Pinterest, which was too cool for words, but I just love it when brands leverage their social media in a creative way. Yes, it’s gimmicky and yes, short lived, but hey!, in a way, this is what social media is all about. Place that in the context of a well thought-out, long term platform and this might just translate in long term customer value. Well done!

Prabal Gurung on Instagram