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“In mobile we see simple, clear, snackable experiences winning. When you introduce complexity, it can dilute the overall experience.”

This Is the End of Facebook as We Know It




Instagram Is King

Few highlights from the L2 Think Tank Instagram report:

Instagram reached 150 million users in three years, half the time it took Twitter and two years faster than Facebook.

Instagram had the strongest year-on-year growth of all mobile platforms in 2013, 66%.

93% of prestige brand are present on Instagram compared to 63% in July.

Pinterest, the “other” visual platform often compared to Instagram, is a third of the size and its users spend a third of the time on the platform.

The successful launch of Instagram ads and video could transform it into a media company with more revenue than Twitter.

Instagram is possibly the best tech acquisition of the past five years and Tumblr is arguably the worst.



Gary Vaynerchuk Speech

Let me share with you this really interesting talk I found today. Gary Vaynerchuk is a really pumped up guy who happens to look at social media the same way as I do: from a sales point of view.

About a year and a half ago I decided to switch from real estate to social media and for me it was the most natural thing to do. During the process however, I always found people’s reactions to it very interesting. Some were surprised, but understanding, some were surprised, but thought they understood (meh, she loves spending time on Facebook) and some were/are downright skeptical. The latter category are actually the people with social media background: the ones hiring you or talking at conferences. Some, not all. I attended this conference recently where one of the speakers said very bluntly that he doesn’t trust any person switching their careers to social media and that those individuals are more likely to not getting hired (I think it’s safe to say you can scratch the ‘more likely to’).  For a second there, I felt really discouraged, but right next second I couldn’t help noticing how wrong he was.

And here’s why: first of all, I quit real estate because I needed a change. I’ve spent 6 years doing it and they were the most thrilling of my life, but at some point I felt I needed to do something else, something new. Which I did and make no mistake, it was one of the hardest things to do. I knew I loved sales and I wanted to continue doing that, but I chose a much more exciting medium: digital. So here’s that. My life since then was as thrilling as real estate used to be: so many things to learn, so many new things happening every 5 minutes, but only from the technology point of view or from the point of view of what you’re selling (I’ve swapped shopping centres with kick-ass sunglasses).

And second of all, whomever thinks that starting a business in 2013 without leveraging the hell out of it through social media (blog, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and the whole shebang) is in for a surprise. Word of mouth and networking are two of the most powerful tools to attract attention on yourself (when looking for a job, throwing a party, looking for a boyfriend, etc) or your business and social media is embracing just that. At this point, business wise, social media is a necessity.

Anyway, this guy really nails it. So if you don’t mind a bit of cursing, I say go for it:


Topshop + Facebook

The trend-setting retailer is promising an unprecedented level of interactivity, all designed to encourage viewers of the live-streaming event to personalise and share aspects of the show as it unfolds in real time in London’s Bedford Square. The Customise the Catwalk feature will allow users to not only select and order key looks and accessories, but also to change the colour to their preferred option before pulling the trigger on a purchase. Garments ordered from the runway are being offered with delivery ‘three months ahead of industry lead times’.

Topshop has also partnered with Facebook to develop a Shoot the Show function, a camera button embedded within the livestream window that lets viewers click to snap pictures of their favourite looks, which can then be shared directly with Facebook friends and the wider world. With over 2.6 million Facebook fans, the potential amplification this intuitive feature provides is, trust us, considerable. (Source: Contagious Magazine)
London Fashion Week already sounds impressive, if not for the fashion aspect, but for the user engagement one, especially with this type of initiatives that are a first for everybody. That’s an excellent move on Topshop’s part, since it’s a great way of observing in real time whatever their customers show more interest in (from clothes, to make-up, shoes, preferred colours, etc), plus they show their customers they care. Looking forward to that1

Vodafone 100,000 Likes

I’m not Vodafone’s greatest fan since they messed up my sim 2 years ago and made me waste 3 days out of a precious holiday stressing over it. But I do like a nice and simple animation that says ‘thank you’, so here it is. Vodafone Ireland thanks its 100,000 followers on Facebook and 20,000 followers on Twitter.