The Rosia Montana Protests

It’s been already one month since the protests against the Rosia Montana gold mine cyanide using project have started in Romania. The local authorities haven’t issued a clear decision regarding the stoping of the project as of yet, which means that Sunday after Sunday, the people – the numbers are in the tens of thousands – will continue to occupy the streets until their demands are met:

1. The rejection of the special law by the Parliament.
2. The ban of cyanide in mining activities in Romania.
3. The introduction of Rosia Montana in UNESCO World Heritage.
4. The urgent rejection of the environmental agreement for Rosia Montana mining project.
5. The resignation of those who initiated this special law: Dan Sova (minister of Big Projects), Rovana Plumb (minister of Environment), Daniel Barbu (minister of Culture), Gheorghe Dutu (director of Romanian Agency for Mineral Resources) and the prime-minister Victor Ponta.

Here’s a pretty emotional video – at list for me – which sums up this months of protests:

If you want to learn more about the Rosia Montana Project, click through these links: The GuardianHuffington Post, BBCWikipedia, The Independent, Reuters, CNN


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