Me Today

I’m off to a much awaited and well deserved, I must say, 3-week vacation to Romania. Plus 2 stops in Paris and Milan, woohoo! The past few weeks have been a wee bee hectic, so I’ll have to apologise for my lack of posts. One of my holiday resolutions is to regroup and come up with improvements for my work related commitments and time management. Anyway, that’s for me to work out.

Romania is in a bit of trouble right now, with lots of street protests, which I hope I’ll be able to join realyl soon. They’re related to the Rosia Montana project, Europe’s biggest opencast goldmine. Our government has allowed Gabriel Resources, a Canadian one-off company, to dig for gold in the heart of Transylvania, completely disregarding the will of the people, which is obviously not to ruin the environment amongst others. If you’re interested to read more about it, please follow this thread. The international press has done a far better job in covering the past events, unlike the local one…

Anyway, it’s late and I’d better get some sleep. I still can’t full comprehend my vacation is a sleep away, so until then:



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