Oxfam – Monash Innovators Programe

This Saturday, I had the pleasure of volunteering for the Oxfam – Monash University Innovators program. The event was mainly focused on enabling team projects in which the young and the restless had the opportunity to propose new solutions to some old social, development and sustainability related problems. Throughout the day, the students got a chance to listen to interesting talks from some really cool people as well, while in the evening, they presented their projects to a panel of representatives from non-governmental organisations. This was the most nerve wrecking part for most of them I reckon – coping with public speaking, after an entire day of brainstorming. All the ideas were really interesting, even though there was only one winning team that will get the chance to see its project come to life in this following year.

My role there was to assist Amanda, the girl in charge with capturing the moment for posterity, so I basically ended up being the sound guy. Besides some sore muscles, I did however learn how to handle a camera and what exactly to look for when filming an event like this.

Still it was one of the most motivating days I’ve had in a while. It sure helped that I met some really cool and fun people, interested to push the conversation forward. I somehow still can’t get used to the usual ‘How’s it going?’ without people ever stopping to hear the answer.. Interacting with the students was inspirational by itself – it’s so good to meet enthusiast people that want to change the world!

Anyway, here’s are some Insta photos taken from the actual event:

Me filming

This is me giiving a go to some B roll, extra material to go with the actual subject

Me and Amanda

Mandatory shot in the elevator: me and Amanda


Rama, the fun guy in charge with the communication for the event



The Presentations

The teams were about to start their presentations in front of the jury


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