Qantas Stories for Every Journey

Really cool, clean and designish idea. I would have never associated Qantas with this type of image, which probably makes sense, since I’m nowhere near their 4000 Platinum One frequent flyers..

Australian airline Qantas is providing 4000 Platinum One frequent flyers with “Stories for Every Journey”, a collection of books chosen to match the distance between taking off and landing. The back cover of all the books shows the full lists of titles in the series (with the selected book highlighted) as well as it’s matched journey and available reading time. Australian authors James Castrission, Tony Cavanaugh, Sean Fewster, Kimberley Freeman, Lian Hearn, William McInnes, Peter FitzSimons, Jack Marx, Rob Mundle and Roland Perry were included in the collection which spans adventure, crime, women’s fiction, literary, history and romance and offers travellers a different experience each time they fly. The campaign recently won a Gold Design Lion at Cannes International Festival of Creativity 2013.


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