I have recently discovered this whole new world, the brilliant world of miniatures, which I have to show you as I have never seen anything as tiny and as pretty before! All those amazing shapes and colours are obviously the result of a massive volume of work, talent, passion and most of all vision. The people doing them are by any means sculptors and fantasy gatekeepers at the same time because just looking at those little wonders make you melt inside!

With a bit of research I found that traces of miniature were first found way back, in the 2nd and 4th century, the first one carved in glass and the second one in ivory. Then the art of miniature portraits became more and more popular through the use of manuscripts, where in the beginning benevolent benefactors had their miniature portraits included as a sign of gratitude. But the 18th century was when miniature artists were the most popular and the business was good. Apparently, a guy called Charles Peale opened a gallery in the newly found United States in 1782 specialising in miniature portraits, with his whole family being into painting minis! Unfortunately the first signs of a new art, the Daguerreotype, showed a decline in the demand for miniature art, which continued throughout the years.

However, judging by a mere google search, miniatures are definitely making a comeback! 2smartminiatures is the blog that got me hooked and here’s why:

Apricot Sponge Cake

French baguette and other goodies

My kind of breakfast

Strawberry tart

Tea Party

Whatever they are, they look crazy good


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