Golden Plains Lucky 7

2 weekends ago, me and a very excited husband got to attend Golden Plains Lucky 7, an independent festival ran by Aunty Meredith (of the Meredith Music Festival fame). We’ve been trying to get tickets for 2 years to no avail – since both festivals have a ballott-based system, which gives you the right to buy tickets. So when we finally got the ‘lucky’ email, we went for it.

Good thing we did it ’cause the weekend was a blast! This was my first independent music festival that I have ever attended, in the sense that the location was some guy’s farm, there were no sponsor banners as far as the eye could see, people were allowed to bring their own booze and food, as long as there was no glass packaging, and there was only one stage where everybody was performing. The latter was both good and bad – good because you finally get to attend each and every concert – Opossom, Tallest Man On Earth, Cat Power, Mulatu Astatke, Toro Y Moi, The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion or George Clinton – and bad because, well, I still haven’t developed the Aussie’s taste for garage/ heavy rock – Dinosaur Jr, The Mark of Cain, etc. Another big plus was the weather: plenty of sun to sunbath to and no rain, which is basically heaven for a tent-only festival.


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