Second half of our stay in Luang Prabang:

Arriving at the whiskey village

Some local goodies meant to impress the tourists

More local ‘goodies’ that did impress the tourists 🙂

Shot from the local temple

Back in Luang Prabang, you had to cross this bridge in order to get to the other part of the town. A bit squeaking and shaking, but in the end you get used to it

One of the local temples. The photo is not the great, but you cannot not see the beautiful burnt colours, so typical for both the temples here and the monks’ clothing.

A closer shot

Main street in Luang Prabang

Another temple seen from above


More local goodies

The former residence of the Lao kings, now The National Museum


Lao from above

The Mekong

Old lady making offerings for the temples. Notice the same burnt orange colour of the flowers (as per the temples and monks’ clothing) mixed with the banana leaves

Luang Prabang Street art

Monks’ clothes laid outside to dry


Another one caught outside their quarters


The morning procession, where locals offer food to the monks, which is the only way they can get to it, as they’re not allowed to have/ use money

Until next time, Luang Prabang

Thanks for watching.


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