It sucks being born in December

Chupa Chups came up with this crazy video for all of us born in December because, let’s face it, it kinda sucks being born in December! 🙂 I was born closer to Christmas, which means that there were more than a few lucky times when people just forgot about my birthday. Some of them call right after the Christmas craze, which is always nice. Some call next year, which is ok.

And then there’s the whole birthday gift and xmas gift combined, which totally sucks! Ad a twin to the equation and what you’ll get is the ‘nightmare gift’, which is a birthday & xmas gift combined that both of us could play with (I’m talking toys, from when we were kids)! Believe-you-me, this has happened more than once. And I understand it, as it takes time and money and I know now it is not easy. But I still remember at least 1 or 2 occasions when I just wanted my own brand new toy to play with.

Fast forward 30 years and what you’ll get is an adult (although I think it’s safe to say 2) that will never miss her birthday party and the attention and presents that come with it. So Happy Birthmas to us all and thank you, Chupa Chups! 🙂

Every year Christmas and New Year steamroll your birthday, leaving you shortchanged on gifts and attention. That’s why Chupa Chups’ mascot Chuck and sidekick Carl have dedicated this mash-up carol to December babies everywhere. It’s just one of the festive oddities from BBH Asia Pacific’s Christmas social media campaign for Chupa Chups, which also includes ginger haired spouses and cola infused milk.


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