Us, Romanians

I made this short movie on 29th November, 2012 in Oslo, Norway as a school project. Leave a comment about what YOU think about Romanians, thank you.

Here you can read the opinion of a simple Romanian citizen after he watched the video:

Media and sometimes personal encounters of people who do us wrong strengthen our haterid and desire to ignore others ‘of the same kind’ that might prove to be a very good friend or someone you can rely on or simply onother person that you have a friendly chat with and you never see them again. I am not saying that Romanians are better than other people,but no other nation is better than us either. We live in a world that supposedly fights for acceptance and inclusion, for equal rights for every individual of any race or nationality, yet we are judging and discriminating and hating those who are convenient for us to have these negative feelings towards. We are all the outcome of the choices we make and the society we live in so instead of taking the easy path of pure ignorance, perhaps we should have a look at what is really going on in this world and with these people. Romanians are just another example of persons that you should be ‘aware’ of. The bigger picture is a lot more complicated and the true problem lies down deep under the cover of media and everything else we are being told by the governments.I would pleasantly like to ask every indiviual that faces problems with people from whatever nationality to think that the person they’re having trouble with could very well be one of their own and if a small group of criminals from country ‘X’ decides to have it’s own way, it doesn’t mean all the inhabitants of the country ‘X’ are the same. As for the Romanians, it’s up to us to make a better image for ourselves and for our country by doing good things as much as we can even if the media won’t acknowledge any of them. This is our only chance to educate those who think different of us. (George Hritcu)


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