Freddie Mercury: The Great Pretender

‘Freddie Mercury: The Great Pretender’ is the recently released BBC documentary on Freddie Mercury that was suposed to shed new light on the life of the musician with more information on his personal life and the periods outside The Queen era. The reviews are not great, apparently the movie didn’t bring that much out that wasn’t already known to the public, but considering that this is my first documentary on Freddie, I found it very enjoyable. I mean there are some memorable bits of information like that one time when he tried recording with Michael Jackson, but Michael kept bringing his llama into the studio, which in the end proved to be unbearable to Freddie so he gave up on the whole thing.

So if you’re curious to see it, jump over to the ABC Australia website, where you have 2 more weeks to see it online. Click here. In the mean time, here’s the 2000 documentary “Freddie Mercury, The Untold Story”, which I’ll go see sometimes this week. I’ll let the other one sit for a bit more..



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