Harvest Festival

Yesterday we went to another great edition of Harvest Festival, here in Melbourne. Boy, this festival just gets better and better! It is our second time here and it’s not that often when you really enjoy a festival, only to find out that the next edition is even better! The weather was just perfect, really sunny, with the right amount of hot. The venue is perfectly integrated into the Werribee Park, with 3 main stages, plus several secondary ones, with both dj’s and newcomer bands and lots of other fun stuff to do, if you’re not in the mood for big crowds. If you get hungry, there are so many options from which to eat; this is actually an improvement from last year, when we spent some time cueing, but these guys really learned from their mistakes.

Another great thing is that it is an 18+ festival, which means you won’t have to spend more time cueing to get a wristband or any type of proof that you’re over 18. Also, there are not intermediary coins between your lunch and your drink, you get to pay directly in cash. You can probably guess from my excitement how great it is when they don’t waste your time and nerves with those little things that distract you from actually having fun at a festival!

What I also love about the 18+ events is that the crowd looks more homogenous, even though there was a fair share of people in their 50s to rub shoulders with. First of all, nobody is that desperate to get drunk (it might have helped that I was already hungover) and, second of all, I don’t have to wonder whether I’m the oldest at the party.

Plus the line-up! I’m going to take you through each gig we went to, hope you’ll like it,

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