A-Morir Eyewear

Here’s another excerpt from an interview I took Miss Kerin Rose from A-Morir eyewear.

Kerin Rose

How did you come up with the name, A-Morir?

In 2005, many years before this started, I went to Madrid to the Museum of Contemporary Art and saw a video triptych by Argentinian artist Miguel Angel Rios called “a-morir”. It was a black and white video of 100 wooden tops spinning to their death. It was deafening, and jarring, but mostly incredibly moving. I hadn’t been touched by a work of art like that before and haven’t since. So I took that name “a-morir” with me in hopes that I could make people feel with my work what I felt for it.

A-Morir Phillips Pastel, one of my favourites from her collection, which are momentarily out of stock, but I had to post them nonetheless

Given the fact that all products are hand made, would you be able to tell us which was the most time consuming pair of frames you’ve been working on?

My Santana frames from FW2011 are the most complicated – a dreamcatcher pattern is pave’d onto each lens, and it’s done freehand. 10 holes are hand drilled into the bottom of the frame, chains are cut and soldiered, and finished off with metal feather charms. The chains alone are 40 individual movements (for lack of a better word)

What are your favourite spots in NYC?

For food I love Angelica’s Kitchen, Candle Café, and Souen East, but for an indulgent splurge I love the chicken at the NoMad. And for a good time I always pop by Baohaus owned by my good friend Eddie Huang. I love running along the east river and in Central Park. I don’t shop in stores much, I just buy clothes from my friends who have their own lines, like Grey Ant, Assad Mounser, Zana Bayne and Sena, or who sell vintage. And I tend to only go out where my friends are performing. And while It’s nothing new I’ll hit up The Boom Boom Room for a reliable sexy atmosphere and a breathtaking view.

Kerin Rose

If you’re interested, read the rest down at Sunchasers.


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