Here’s an excerpt of another interview I did on behalf of SunglassCurator with Simon Jablon, the son of Linda Farrow and the person whom, together with his wife, Tracy Sedino, re-launched the Linda Farrow brand.

Simon Jablon of Linda Farrow

1. The story behind the brand’s comeback is quite impressive. How it did happen and what made you revive the brand? What was initial the response?
SJ: It was all very organic, my parents have a warehouse in Islington whereby I was suppose to clear it out and turn it into residential property, it was there that I discovered with my now business partner/wife an endless trove of mint condition sunglasses from my mothers collection along with brands such as YSL, Emilio Pucci etc. Together with my partner we launched Linda Farrow Vintage.

2. How did the Linda Farrow designs develop over the years?
SJ: Again it was all quite organic, we had no business plan. Both Tracy and I have a passion for the fashion and design and decided to collaborate with designers that we admired, our first collaboration was with Eley Kishimoto. Now we work with brands such as Dries Van Noten, The Row, Alexander Wang, Raf Simons among many others. Eventually we launched Linda Farrow Luxe in 2008 which has evolved to being the most prominent among all our brands.

Some of my favourite Linda Farrow sunnies from their Linda Farrow Luxe collection

If you’re interested, read the rest of the interview here.


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