Bukchon Village

Bukchon village is a charming little area in Seoul, where you’re most likely to find beautiful traditional style houses (the Hanoks) and lots of small little shop, with all sort of stuff made by local artists. Bukchon is located in between the Gyeongokbung and Changdeokgung (of which I still have to tell you about) main royal palaces. As you can understand, this is the area was inhabited by the rich people of Seoul that held all sorts of duties inside the palaces. This was one of our favourite places in Seoul, where we got to also get back to on our last day of our trip. We did that mainly because that after reviewing our map more carefully, we kinda realised that we missed an important part of the village, but also because it was the perfect place to get some souvenirs. At least, a much better alternative to the big crowded markets boasting of things probably made elsewhere.

Some of the hanoks in this area are over 600 years old, believe it or not; they are beautifully crafted house, with some of them being turned into guest houses or tea houses (with the famous Korean tea ceremony that we didn’t get to try, in the end), probably to give the foreigners a taste of the old times. From what I understood, you’re able to see more traditional hanoks in the South Korean countryside, but we’ll leave to for some other trip. Anyway, it’s here that we had some of our favourite meals, including some incredibly delicious dumplings!

If you want to take a step back in time in Seoul, than Bukchon is the place.











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