War Memorial of Korea

The War Memorial of Korea is a huge place where every war Korea has undertaken is depicted to the last detail. It is a very impressing and imposing place that got me really emotional more than once. The place was field with kids of all ages, certainly a good start to show them the threats this country still faces and the troubled and almost tragic history it’s been through. Right outside the building there’s a statue of two brothers hugging and as you enter there are huge plaques with names of all foreign soldiers that have died to defend this country. US is leading by far, but it’s certainly no reason the minimize other countries’ efforts. As I’ve said, it was really emotional.

Otherwise, the museum takes you through the entire (most of?) Korean military history, with exact replicas of the turtle boats, to reenactments of different battles and of life during the Japanese occupations and the Korean war and all the other wars Korea took part of, on behalf of NATO. Here are some of the photos I took.


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