Seoul Subway System

The Seoul subway system has ten lines, which are operated by 4 different companies. Everything is written both in Korean and English and all stations and upcoming trains are announced in both languages. As mentioned before, everything is laid out as easy as possible for the foreign travellers. Some of the lines (that belongs to one of the 4 companies) have a funny little song which announces the train coming, which resembles some Romanian song from my childhood. Obviously, this was one of the highlights of our trip, as we kept singing it over an over again. There was another little song that would announce a transfer points, once you were approaching a certain station. And all lines are colour coded, which makes it easier to read the subway map, plus all stations are marked with either white, or yellow to let you know on which side the door are going to open next. Easy peasy!

More than that, many connecting stations are linked to several other underground levels where more shopping sprees are welcomed. And these places are huge! The only ‘interrupting’ aspects are the gas masks and the many beauty clinics ads that sell whiter skin, bigger eyes, etc, which are all over the place. But as the eye gets used to it, it gets easier to ignore.


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