Graphics without computer. 40 years of modest achievements

A selection with the most representative Romanian propaganda posters, from the 50s-60s, found in graphicfront‘s first volume Graphics without computer. 40 years of modest achievements.

How the driver will be told off tomorrow! poster by Mihai Gion, 1959

The worries of the Wall-Street Man:
It’s hard to feed so many… mouths! (on the paper: Arms commissions)
Where there’s no head, woe for the legs…

Productive crops… using nitrate, phosphate and potassic fertilizer

Chemically treated wines give increased yield

On the papers: Report

Soviet science, poster by Gheorghe Chiriac, 1959

And something that is still happening today 🙂

Some cooperative leaders promote in jobs with responsibility members of their family.
The little family: Cooperative, Administrator, Supply, Magazine; President (on the parent’s coat)


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