Sunday Somewhere x SunglassCurator

Here’s an excerpt of another interview I did on behalf of SunglassCurator with the duo behind Sunday Somewhere, an Australian eyewear brand based in Sydney. The brand’s aesthetic is really simple and easy going, very Aussie, if you ask me, but with a modern touch. Their look books are very summery and sort of breezy and, ah, I can’t wait for summer! Move over spring! 🙂 Anyway, here it is and for the rest, you can check out SunChasers, the SunglassCurator blog.

Sunday Somewhere Studio

What prompted you to start this new eyewear label, SUNDAY SOMEWHERE? Do you see it as filling a gap in this particular market?

We have both obsessed over eyewear for years. Whilst flat-mates we worked for rival labels – so the topic of “eyewear” was completely off-limits. When the opportunity to collaborate came about, timing was right, it was a natural progression to start our own thing. We shared a similar vision and bringing different skills to the business made this decision logical.

At the time we started ‘SUNDAY SOMEWHERE’ outer branding was bold and prolific. With this is mind, we wanted to create a subtle – timeless aesthetic.

One of my favourite Sunday Somewhere pair of sunglasses, the Matahari

Please tell us a bit about the creative process you go through with each collection. How do you come up with the designs, how do you decide on which materials to work with…

Our creative process can be likened to a Bower bird building a nest. Collectively we bring our ideas collected and pitch them to each other. These ideas are mostly visual. We both discuss and evaluate their worth before drawing the collection up in illustrator. After this fashion and design element – our frame designs turn technical. We need to consider suitable materials, fits, sizing, frame widths and nose bridge shapes. We submit drawings to our factory and then receive a prototype often only in black acetate. We then make final modifications (if needed) then order production in selected colours. An egg is laid – a chick is born.

This is my other favourite pair, Sunday Somewhere Heeyeh in black

What are your favourite spots in Sydney? And what must see sights would you recommend for visitors outside the country? 

We both spend a lot of time outdoors at the beach. The great thing about Sydney is the proximity to the most amazing coastline – both North and South. If we were road-tripping with a visitor we would probably take them down the South Coast. Everything seems clearer and calmer down there and it’s hard to forget the sites after Kiama as you wrap around the headland on the Princes Highway.

Check the rest of it here.


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