Tomorrow (Zavtra) MIFF

Tomorrow (Zavtra) is the sort-of-documentary on the Voina group, the now infamous Russian street art group. It was made by Andrey Gryazev and it airs now at Melbourne International Film Festival. The director definitely deserves some credit for building up this movie. The beginning is quite slow but the story gradually builds up. I left the room with a certain unease and a mix of both admiration and doubts of the legitimacy of some of their acts. I still support their fight against Putinocracy and, as with Romania, I hope for change and a better Tomorrow and I’m certainly going to look further to their acts. And there’s also, Kasper, the 2 year old baby of the Voina founders, Oleg Vorotnikov (known as Vor) and Natalia Sokol (known as Koza), who is such a show stealer 🙂 Check out the trailer below.


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