Noel’s Gallery

We took a day trip to the Mornington Peninsula on Sunday, a part of Victoria famous for its wineries. It’s a great place to just either have a walk or explore it by car, while stopping to have a sip of the local goodies and enjoying some delicious food. The best part is that there are some many of which to choose and you can never tell what to expect just by the street signs, as they all look pretty much the same. All the estates have a sort of barreer of trees, so it’s really hard to guess what you might find. The downsize of these touristy places is that some of them are quite expensive. It’s nice to try them from time to time, but once you are a ‘regular’ of the area, it’s not that funny anymore.

Anyway, we stopped at Noel’s Gallery that day and it was such a delightful experience. The weather outside helped heaps in making the scenery look so beautiful. However the place itself looked incredible too and the food was beyond delicious! We had calamari, with home made pesto, and lamb souvlaki, with cherry tomatoes, pistachios and home made pita and some rose to go with this. M m m m m. We were euphoric! Apparently the pizza is really nice here, as well, so I guess we’ll have to go back! If you’re in the area, you have to go there. You just have to.


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