Time Lapse B’estFest

I like this video time lapse of the B’estfest festival that took place this summer in Bucharest. It’s made by and you can read below how they did it. Man, I wish I was there for Pulp!

We did it again! We time-lapsed the 2012 edition of the biggest music festival in Romania: B’Estfest Summer Camp. With less cameras than last year but slightly more creativity, this is what came out of about 17.000 still images. Enjoy and share!

Note for curious people: the fixed camera (with the two main stages in shot) ran non-stop for the 3 days and 2 nights of festival. The motion cameras we moved around to get most of the concerts. We didn’t get them all, and probably never will, so don’t be angry if your favorite concert isn’t in this video. The order in the motion time-lapses is:
[Day 1] Grimus, Parazitii, BUG Mafia + Loredana, The Quemists, Garbage, Suie Paparude; [Day 2] Electric Fence, Vita de Vie, (Jager stage), (Silent Party), Royksopp; [Day 3] Subcarpati,The Monojacks, Caro Emerald, Skindred, PULP.


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