As the name has it, Docklands is a suburb in Melbourne where the harbour used to be. It is located very close to the CBD, so when the city needed to outgrow its limits, this was the perfect area to expand to. The ‘emancipation‘ of the maritime transport made it so that its primary use ceased to exist. As any abandoned respectable area, it was soon  turned into a rave scene, with the Etihad Stadium as the main place for it. Right now, there’s no room for the party people anymore. An incredible amount of real estate development is happening at the moment, targeting especially offices, a shopping area and some residential. It is estimated that this will continue to be more or less a construction site, by 2015. I went to visit the place on Friday, around lunch time and as much as I liked it, it pretty much lacked the human factor. There are not enough attractions to make it feel homey. Let me tell you, I’d be shit scared to walk around this place at night. It still made the perfect setting for some spectacular photos, ahem!


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