What The Most Beautiful Queen in Europe Says About The Care of Skin

In the 1920s, there were a series of ads endorsed by Ponds, the creme maker, which had some of the most beautiful women of that time talking about the importance of maintaining one’s beauty and exterior. The series includes: Mrs Conde Nast, the Duchesse de Richelieu, Princesse Marie de Bourbon de Spain, the Vicomtesse de Frise and many more and you can find it here (at the retronaut, of course).

In the meantime, take a look at this ad featuring Queen Marie of Romania that goes by the title: “What the most beautiful Queen in Europe says about the care of the skin”. As the ad begins: ‘Point to another woman in the world today whose beauty, power and vibrant personality are equal to those of Marie, Queen of Romania! “A tall, majestic figure, hair of red-gold, a white round throat, flashing violet eyes and long lashes sweeping demurely the rose leaf of her lovely cheeks.” One who knows her well describes her thus”. She sounded charming.


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