MOO Piyasombatkul x SunglassCurator

I previously wrote about SunglassCurator and their amazing eyewear. Recently, they gave me the opportunity to come up with several questions for the this incredible designer and Central Saint Martins graduate, MOO Piyasombatkul. See below an excerpt of the interview and for the rest check out their blog, SunChasers.

MOO Piyasombatkul, in Grazia magazine, Thailand

Where do you find inspiration for your designs?

Anything that I like at the time… for this eyewear… it was tea rooms… in London… because I love drinking tea with desserts… I love to go to Sketch… because of the atmosphere and interiors. The antique furniture within the tearoom are all different and somehow they were put together and look so fresh and new. Probably the way they combine each piece together. So this was the initial inspiration of my work. Then I started looking at interior design. Marcel Wanders‘ New Antique theory was a huge part of how I work for this project.

So really, my inspiration comes from what’s around me…

We know that for the Baroque Eyes collection, you get your frames from different vintage stores, after which each gets personalised with its very own porcelain clay pattern. Where do you get your inspiration for each pair? Do certain patterns go better with certain shapes?

These design come from an old SINGLE Baroque picture frame. I just played around with different parts of the frame and combined them together to make a new pattern which goes on the glasses frame coherently and aesthetically. So yes, certain patterns would go on particular frames. Vintages frames always have similar shapes.. so it became easier the more I make, the more I get used to what pattern should go with what frame.

How did you come up with the idea for your first pair of glasses?

It was a very long experimental process. Basically I got the idea of porcelain Baroque initially but I felt like there was something missing… another element I need to add to this porcelain. So I started listing what I like wearing as part of my everyday wear… and sunglasses were on the list too. One day I found this broken vintage glasses… so I used modeling clay that looks like porcelain to fix this broken part. That’s where it all began!

I must admit, I was quite fascinated with these delicate frames that are still demanding attention. Click here if you want to read more about her story.

MOO Piyasombatkul Frames


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