Meryl Streep

Meryl Streep and her stylish artistic family. It’s amazing how all the girls – Mary, Grace and Louisa – have something from Ms Streep, at various stages of her life. Besides her youngest, who’s still in college, all her other children are somehow involved in acting. The girls, Grace and Marie, pursued an acting career on Broadway, while her son, Henry Wolf Gummer, besides some acting roles, took up singing and making music for movies. Click here to listen the song he did for Julie and julia, Don’t Stop the Train. Their father however, Don Gummer, is a famous sculptor.

So, in between receiving awards for her amazing career, Meryl Streep works hard on securing a location for the National Women’s History Museum. At the moment, it only has an online address, but you can still check out some of the exhibitions, such as Women in Early Film, Profiles in Motherhood, Young and Brave: Girls Changing History, Women in Olympics or Partners in Winning the War: Women in WWII, just to mention a few. It is worth having a look or two.

Photo source: daily mail, thomasandkeef


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